Our Board

KAREN LOBLAY is our Founder and Executive Officer. Karen’s parents migrated to Australia in 1947. Karen was born and educated in Sydney, qualifying as an architect and working as such until joining the family’s property investment business in 1985. In 2003, Karen founded Matana Foundation for Young People to address the causes and consequences of youth disadvantage.

LORAND LOBLAY is the founder’s father, whose hard work and diligence enabled the establishment of the Foundation.

RAPHAEL DASCALU is the founder’s son, whose graciousness and generosity have enabled the Foundation to grow.

VICTORIA LOBLAY is the founder’s niece, whose research skills and critical thinking have helped to build the Foundation’s ethical framework.

JOHN SNELGROVE is the Trustee’s Responsible Person, who brings his legal experience and independence to the board.


“The past is in the present but the future is still in our hands” – Elie Wiesel